Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stocktoberfest 2012 with Trade Ideas

Last week we were at Stocktoberfest in Coronado, CA presented by StockTwits. The event was a great opportunity to network and engage in productive discussions with investors, traders, money managers, and entrepreneurs.

As one of the Stocktoberfest sponsors, we want to thank everyone who attended and participated for making the event successful and fun, especially Howard Lindzon and the StockTwits team for all their hard work setting up and organizing the event.

Dan Mirkin, our CEO and co-founder, spoke about the Advent of Unstructured Data Mining for Alpha Capture. 

In the presentation, Dan highlighted the importance of using technology like Trade-Ideas to utilize unstructured data to find and exploit windows of investing and trading opportunity. This message complemented the Friday afternoon theme of “The New, New Stock Market” and “New Publishing Products”, where the presenters demonstrated how nontraditional and disruptive technology is changing investing, trading, and the way information is distributed, analysed, and acted upon.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and we look forward to follow-up conversations with everyone we were able to meet with. 

For a taste of how we're disrupting traditional investing and trading, check out our forums and read about our Execution Consulting services.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oktoberfest? More like Stocktoberfest with Trade Ideas!

Join Trade Ideas, Stocktwits, and more at Stocktoberfest

Our friends at Stocktwits are hosting a big gathering of industry players including investors, traders, money managers, and entrepreneurs this Thursday and Friday across the bay from San Diego in beautiful Coronado. Guests and speakers will engage in discussions about the latest tools, strategies, and overall market trends for the upcoming year.

The Stocktoberfest event provides an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing viewpoints about today’s markets and successful strategies.  The agenda includes networking activities Thursday afternoon and evening at Tavern on Coronado followed on Friday with a full day of insightful speakers at the restored Coronado Village Theatre.

Trade Ideas founding partner and CEO, Dan Mirkin, is scheduled to speak about the Advent of Unstructured Data Mining for Alpha Capture, or using tools such as Trade Ideas to capture alpha by exploiting non-traditional information channels. 

Other featured speakers at Stocktoberfest include Stocktwits co-founder and CEO, Howard Lindzon; former head of Internet Research at Goldman Sachs, Michael Parekh; Vice President of, Chris Peacock; Gurtin Fixed Income Fund founder, Bill Gurtin; the Reformed Broker,  Josh Brown;  and other notable industry authors, bloggers, and community members.

Stocktoberfest is sponsored by Trade Ideas, Social Leverage, Silicon Valley Bank, Lucky Sort, Hand Baldachn & Amburgey, Y Charts, CNN Money, the San Diego Union Tribune, Benzinga, Liquidnet, CME Group, and Cooley.

Registration information, a detailed agenda, and the full list of speakers are available at

Dan and Trade Ideas look forward to meeting everyone attending Stocktoberfest. 

Monday, October 01, 2012

Buck Rogers Nailed the Markets in the 25th Century, Here's How to Do It in the 21st

During the software development meeting a position I was in jumped up almost $900 dollars.  This was a 200 share position so I took notice.  I looked at my P/L and noticed that I was short DBP at 66.19

Mind you I was not physically trading at all.  I now leave that to my version of "Twiki" (you remember, the robotic Ewok that was Buck Rogers's companion robot in the 25th century? No, ah skip it).

The future of investing and trading (everything but the lasers and hyperdrive) is here right now.  My computer 'employs' 8 virtual traders looking for specific set ups all day long.  They don't get tired, they don't need to take phone calls, they don't need to use the bathroom and they don't care about being long or short.

The robots are not flawless.  They lose money as is the nature of trading, but they act without emotion with respect to each win and loss.

Also let's not confuse what I am doing for HFT (High Frequency Trading).  There is nothing remotely similar about it.  I am not co-located at any exchange. I am not quote-stuffing and there is no arbitrage to exploit.

Here's what I am doing: I am paying retail commissions just like you.  I am utilizing a system of statistical analysis to find the highest numerical probabilities of confirmed patterns and expected outcomes and then, just like you, I take an educated albeit robotic guess.

I am doing what computers were meant to do: automating my intentions and making me more efficient.  If I had no company to run, could focus completely on the market, not have any interruptions from my wonderful kids, and keep my ego out of the long or short side, I still could not watch thousands of opportunities at once.  So I come up with the ideas and let my virtual traders confirm my ideas or refute them.  They begin and end my positions.

This is the trading world I now live in and don't want to ever leave.  Interested in learning more?

We can help you emulate what I am doing via our Execution Consulting Services.  If you have any questions or just want to take a look at the technology send us an email to

Now back to your station!