Thursday, September 09, 2010

SMB Capital and Trade Ideas Partner in building SMB Radar

A little while ago during an epic gathering at Lindzonpalooza in Coronado Dan Mirkin, Brad Williams and the heads of SMB Capital got together and thought....we should do more sh@t together. Over a subsequent round of golf at the epic Torrey Pines, details were hashed out to meet up in California and work through the designs of a new type of scanning tool that was specifically needed for the masters of the one good trade.

Custom Software makes for Powerful Analytics

Pictured above is the New SMB Radar and it does some really cool stuff. Designed in more of a dynamic sortable list format versus the traditional streaming Trade Ideas format this piece of software focuses on the specifics of SMB custom formulas.

If you want a piece of this one good trade just contact the guys at SMB and see what it takes to join the team!

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Sick how do people get one? It is not TI I take it