Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Data Traders Who Swing: Rejoice With Longer Term Filters

Trade Ideas Releases Start of New Filters Aimed at Longer Term Patterns & Trades

We added several new filters aimed at longer term data traders.

As of today you can now:
  • Filter stocks based on the size of a multi-day range (5, 10, 20 day range)
  • Filter the stock's position in that multi-day range (5, 10, 20 day range)
  • Filter the size of the stock's multi-day move (5, 10, 20 day range)

MinRange5DMaxRange5D5 Day Range

MinRange10DMaxRange10D10 Day Range
MinRange20DMaxRange20D20 Day Range

MinR5DMaxR5DPosition in 5 Day Range

MinR10DMaxR10DPosition in 10 Day Range
MinR20DMaxR20DPosition in 20 Day Range

MinU5DDMaxU5DDUp in 5 Days

MinU10DDMaxU10DDUp in 10 Days
MinU20DDMaxU20DDUp in 20 Days

Strategy Example

Here's an example strategy that puts these filters to work. This strategy shorts stocks up a certain amount over the last 5 days.
Short 5 Day Range
Provided by: Trade Ideas (copyright © Trade Ideas LLC 2009). All rights reserved. For educational purposes only. Remember these are sketches meant to give an idea how to model a trading plan. Trade-Ideas.com and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibilities for trading and investment results. This strategy's results not backtested.
Thanks to everyone who helped us beta test these filters before their release. Please provide any feedback in the comments. Good luck!


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