Thursday, August 09, 2007

Insight Trading Software acquired by Kershner Trading Group

According to the Insight Trading website, Insight Trading Software was recently acquired by Kershner Trading Group.

We congratulate the owners of Insight and Kershner Trading Group on this acquisition. Insight Trading is a scanning and filtering software company and one of the only pure play competitors to Trade-Ideas in terms of a software offering. Insight has been around for over 20 years and enjoys a very loyal following from the professional trading community.

In terms of the overall business implications we believe that this move points to the importance of real-time scanning and filtering software being the critical driver of brokerage transactions or DART’s (Direct Access Revenue Trades), the metric by which the brokerage industry grades itself. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

For Trade-Ideas this acquisition leaves us as virtually the only commercially viable independent player in the high end analytics space. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the Trade-Ideas and Insight Trading software. Both products scan the entire US market tick for tick to point out interesting and actionable trading opportunities to the active trader. Both products are designed to let users create set ups which they think are interesting and then monitor those set ups in real-time.

In terms of the differences, Trade-Ideas, which was started in 2001 has had the benefit of having been written from scratch with the latest developments in client/server technology. We believe that age has its disadvantages when comparing Trade-Ideas to Insight Trading. We did not need to build on top of legacy systems which had been around for 20 years to make our software work. That freedom allowed us to deliver the highest quality product at a much lower price than Insight. Take a look at the pricing for Insight: Here is a link to the pricing from Trade-Ideas:

In our biased opinion, Trade-Ideas has superior user interface which gives our customers a lot more power and freedom to create the type of systems that generate real, tangible results. We give our customers the ability to modify their strategies on the fly, without the need to contact tech support, and to back test those results to form a complete trading system from scratch.

Insight Trading Software is a good, competing software product which fills a growing need for technology that is starting to become recognized as the critical component in driving the trading business.

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