Thursday, July 19, 2007

Automation Does Not Equal Profitability - Pt. 2

Here's the second part of a 2-part post on the questions we are answering about the upcoming option to automate the strategies developed in Trade-Ideas PRO and backtested with position management rules in The Odds Maker.

Yesterday's answers are here.

Why this matters

By sharing these questions and answers with you, dear reader, you are getting a tour of the "construction site" upon which we're building an innovative, smart tool. You also get to see how software tools flow from design principles which in turn flow from a clear vision/direction about what a tool should do. Rather than keeping the playbook in our heads or amongst ourselves, we are writing it down and sharing it with you. If we get feedback - great. If not at least the act of sharing it forces us to be clear about our intent so we hit the mark later on (i.e., Ready, Aim, Fire vs Fire, Ready, Aim).

Welcome to the cookie dough.

5. Whose data are your trades based upon?

The trades are based on the data that comes through the TI Pro windows. The alert would be the trade trigger; the filters in the alert window are what filters the universe of stocks to the ones that came through the window. The new features are that we time the trades so you can exit after certain time period like 15 minutes or at the close and that we allow you to set stops and profit targets. All of that is data that is already in the OddsMaker. There is no additional data needed for automation, the automation is ALL built around the OddsMaker. There is no TI automation without the OddsMaker.

6. How would we research questionable trades?

All trades taking place would be just like any other trade placed through the broker electronically. Brokers will have all of the trade I.D. # and times. Brokers will have the same ability to look up and investigate any of those trades via a trade history. There is complete transparency via recorded data with the broker and with Trade-Ideas. Within Trade-Ideas anyone can always go back to the alert history to see what triggers were triggering the trades etc.

7. What makes Trade-Ideas automated trading different from others?

Trade-Ideas automated trading is different from all other automated systems

  1. It is the only automated trading based completely on the Trade-Ideas alerts and filters and therefore uses our proprietary algorithms. Things like Running Up and Running Down and Breaking Support and Resistance are all proprietary to TI and nobody else has the same algorithms for those things.
  2. This automation is based on event-based back testing via The Odds Maker versus stock-specific based backtesting that is done in TradeStation and WealthLab and countless others. Nobody today has a tool that competes head to head with The Odds Maker.


Chris said...

This is very interesting.

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