Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Showcase of Technology & Education: DTI's Open House with Trade-Ideas

Tom Busby, a gentlemen so genuine they could name a beer after him, invites Trade-Ideas to present an interactive presentation and discussion with potential and existing customers of his firm, DTI Trader.com this Wednesday (tomorrow). I want to give you the heads up that it is free to attend and participate in the online, interactive presentation.

You'll be exposed to one way a successful firm combines the use of technology tools into their educational trading curriculum.

In Tom's own words . . .
As a trader who survived the Crash of 1987, I can tell you that trading is not easy, but with the right tools you can master the Art of Trading in the stock, futures and options markets. One of the most important tools a trader can have in his arsenal is an understanding of the global markets with an analytical tool to help answer the question: Long, Short or Out of the market.

I have invited industry expert Trade-Ideas into my TradeRoom this Wednesday, May 9th starting at 10:30am CT. They will demonstrate their software and how it can help you increase your odds of success in the markets. Register for this FREE online session and receive the First Chapter of my best selling book, "Winning the Daytrading Game".

More About Trade-Ideas.
There are over 8000 stocks traded on the US exchanges. During market hours any one of them can be in the midst of an opportunistic “Set Up” for the astute trader. How does a trader find the ones outside a watch list? The solution is to dig through the mountains of tick data to see these opportunities as they happen. This task, however, is impossible without the use of sophisticated analytics technology. Fortunately the same advancements that make it possible for us to view all of the data have made it possible to analyze this information in real-time.

Trade-Ideas’ analytics servers are connected to the markets watching every tick, of every trade, on every single stock. Trade-Ideas’ Idea Generation Technology (IGT) knows what does or does not constitute unusual activity for a particular stock. Anytime something interesting or unusual happens, Trade-Ideas reports the information to subscribers in real-time. Instead of spending time searching for opportunities or waiting for them to develop within a list of watched stocks, Trade-Ideas allows traders to receive qualified, pre-determined set-ups that match their trading preferences. The benefits are improved trade performance, managed risk, and better time management.

Trade-Ideas permits users to customize real-time scans for various types of price, volume, and chart pattern activity. Since launching in 2002, Trade-Ideas servers over 21,000 customers in 45 different countries world-wide.

Register now and get started on the road to success in the markets! (free)

Committed to Your Success,

Tom Busby

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man that guy can make me dance.. love when his trading room breaks out into song. In fact I would say that I dance around 3 times a week. Love the Buzzzzzzbeeeess!!!