Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New Contributor with an Experienced Voice

Please welcome Jamie C. Hodge, a new contributor to this blog, who will provide occasional commentary on the markets and his trades. I say occasional because Jamie is first and foremost a trader. His best nuggets of wisdom are usually not written but verbally delivered throughout the trading day. We'll try to capture that wisdom via transcribed quotes and email - we don't want the form to get in the way of function. I think you'll find Jamie's views a great, fresh insight into the trading experience.

Hodge's Cred

Mr. Jamie C. Hodge brings over 15 years of professional direct access trading and financial industry experience to Trade-Ideas.
Hi. I received my B.S. in Finance from Texas State University in 1992. I entered the brokerage space shortly thereafter earning my Series 7 exam and working on the sales side of the securities business.

In 1994 I founded the Avantus group, a NASDAQ order entry broker/dealer which primarily focused on retail stock business with an emphasis on catering to the high transaction individual.

In 1996 I saw a unique opportunity; I left the firm I helped start and became intimately involved in the first generation of direct access trading which focused on the inefficiencies of the Nasdaq Small Order Execution System (SOES) and the SelectNet (SNET) network. Becoming a successful trader, I was on the forefront of what was to become the direct access revolution. It's here that I contributed in proving feedback to the designers of the first commercially viable direct access software platform CyberTrader, acquired for $400 million by Schwab in 2000.

I continued to trade professionally on the NASDAQ until the SOES system was replaced with the Super Montage network in 2001. From 2002 until approximately the first quarter of 2007 my trading efforts were primarily focused on the listed markets.

Jamie recently was recruited to become the Director of Trader Education at Trade-Ideas where he continues to actively trade, develop new trading strategies and helps to educate the Trade-Ideas customer base on the nuances of combining best of breed analytics software with sophisticated market reading techniques.

Jamie is available anytime to schedule a personal one-on-one overview of Trade-Ideas, The Odds Maker, and/or techniques on strategy development, position management, or other area of trading. We've always made ourselves available to train anyone interested in our tools - with Jamie's help we can now serve a lot more customers.

Schedule a Trading Plan Tune-Up

Jamie's email is tradeideassupport@gmail.com or info@trade-ideas.com

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