Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trade-Ideas Releases Beta of v2.1 with Plenty of New Features

Spring, despite the ugly Nor'easter's effect on baseball's schedule, is sprung. We celebrate with the release of a new BETA version and upgrade called Trade Ideas PRO v2.1.


We reward readers of this blog with a special invitation to beta-test Trade-Ideas Pro Version 2.1 ahead of other subscribers and its formal release sometime in May. It is our intention to show our gratitude for your support and use of Trade-Ideas.

October 2006 marked the debut of version 2.0 - that makes this release one of the longest spells between versions.

New Features of 2.1

The major improvements include:

  • Added Exclude Lists and Single Symbols to the configuration window
    • Like the strategy but absolutely do not want to trade a particular stock(s) or sector? Make a list of the culprits and banish them from appearing in the alert window
    • And there is an easy way to look at alerts for a single symbol
  • Added Flip option to the configuration window
    • The flip feature switches between a bullish strategy and a bearish strategy in one click
    • For example, assume you are looking at new 7 day highs, which are at least 10% above their VWAP. When you click flip, the window will show you stocks which are making new 7 day lows and are trading at least 10% below their VWAP. Some items don't change. If you are looking for block prints in stocks which are in a consolidation pattern of at least 7 days, the flip feature will point you back to the same strategy

  • Several new fields were added to the Configure Odds Maker panel - a picture is worth a thousand words in this case:

    • Note the daily summary of how the strategy fared. The first number is that day's net winnings over the number of trades made that day. The daily summary reveals how well and what days the strategy performed best over the backtested period
    • The daily summary answers these questions, "Are the positive results evenly distributed across the period? Negative for all but one monstrously good day? stacked in the more recent days or more in the past?"
    • Showing the daily summary permits an evaluation of the particular strategy is trending in relation to the market by determining where the positive days are distributed. For example a strategy with positive trading days at the recent end of the backtesting period might suggest the strategy is beginning to work and could continue
The Odds Maker is available for free (for a total of 10 uses) but only to people who have signed up for the regular service. So in order to try The Odds Maker for free you must buy a one month subscription.

  • Users of Trade-Ideas Pro (TI Pro) are always encouraged to download the latest version of the application in order to benefit for our latest improvements. This is unrelated to any new alerts or filters we may add from time to time. Downloading the latest version of the application is necessary to benefit from other aspects of the service, like the visual enhancements described above and background "plumbing" maintenance that keeps the service as fast as possible.

  • No matter which platform you use (e.g., browser, TI Pro), you can always access any new alerts and/or filters we add. These are automatic to subscribers because both applications make a "call" to our servers for the latest list whenever someone interacts with our alert window settings via 'Configure'. When we add such alerts or filters, you receive them instantly. Note that The Odds Maker, however, is a feature found only in TI Pro.

  • This beta version lacks additional improvements and features that the final release will include. This is by design since we plan to include user feedback and solve any issues that may appear with heavier traffic and use. No flaws appear in our own testing of this beta release. However, should you find anything unusual (e.g., a bad print), please let us know at info at trade-ideas.com. We'll also take any praise there too!


Anonymous said...

HI I wanted to evaluate Odds Maker using the beta TI 2.1.
It does give me an error that Odds maker not availabe in Demo version

D TradeIdeas said...

SOrry for the confusion. You may need to create an account for yourself (from our home page - very easy). I'll post another alternative here as well shortly. Thank you for your message.

D TradeIdeas said...


The Odds Maker is available for free (for a total of 10 uses) but only to people who have signed up for the regular service. So in order to try The Odds Maker for free you must buy a one month subscription.