Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who Wants to Listen In on a Great Traders' Conversation?

Can't make it to New York for the Traders Expo in February? Take advantage of being there online for the following FREE Webcast Event Featuring:

Dan Mirkin, Senior Managing Partner, Trade Ideas LLC
LIVE from The Traders Expo New York

"When Trading Styles Collide: Technicians and Fundamentalists Go Head-To-Head"

Monday, February 19, 2007, 8:00 am-9:30 am EST (add to your Outlook Calendar)
- a nice way to get some learning before the open.

In this rapid-fire session, a panel of traders with very different styles will discuss their methods so that you can decide which one is right for your risk tolerance level. Each of the panelists will talk about how to find opportunities, including entrance points, exit points, and holding time frames. Each panelist will be asked what indicators they use, what time frames they watch on their charts, and what confirmation signals they need to see prior to hitting the execute button. The panel will also discuss how much capital you should dedicate to each trade and help you determine where to place your stops. Technical, fundamental, and combination trading will be covered so that you can determine which system or combination thereof will give you the most confidence when you return to your own trading.

Trading successfully has never been an easy venture. It is crucial to have the best, fastest, and most accurate data possible and to use that information to your most profitable advantage, knowledge and confidence are essential. Join us LIVE and online for this exclusive Webcast event and discover a wealth of tips, tools, and tactics designed to bring you the latest information available so you can make enhanced, more profitable trading decisions starting with your very next trade.


Anonymous said...

I am using TI via ScottradeElite software. I am very keen on getting odds maker how do I get it? do I also need to pay 60$/month for TI and pay 1100 for odds maker? eventhough I get TI via ScottradeElite for free?

Please clarify

D TradeIdeas said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your message. You will not need to pay the $60/month subscription fee for Trade-Ideas to receive The Odds Maker. Activating The Odds Maker in Scottrade ELITE is done after a Scottrade customer pays for the tool at our site. A small file is downloaded after payment and provides you access to the tool from within Scottrade ELITE.

If you have further questions or would like a small brief trial using The Odds Maker, please email me at david"at"

Thanks again for your interest!