Friday, September 01, 2006

Trade-Ideas Releases Beta of v2.0 Featuring The Odds Maker

The "friends and family" release of Trade-Ideas Pro v2.0 featuring The Odds Maker is now available! We reward readers of this blog with a special invitation to beta-test Trade-Ideas Pro Version 2.0 ahead of other subscribers and its formal release in November. It is our intention to show our gratitude for your support and use of Trade-Ideas.

Download the beta release v2.0

The beta version of 2.0 is open to existing subscribers and anyone else willing to evaluate Trade-Ideas Pro in its demo mode. In this beta-version The Odds Maker is free to use until rendered inoperable with the formal release of v2.0.

Non-subscribers can sign in using the username 'DEMO' and 'OddsMaker' as the password (case sensitive). Those in demo mode will have limited access to the alerts within a strategy, i.e. you'll see only a few of the symbols, but you will see all of The Odds Maker results. Scottrade ELITE customer? Follow these steps for testing The Odds Maker.

Special Offer

The Odds Maker as previously mentioned is a one-time cost of USD $1100 beginning in November with the formal release. An opportunity during the beta-test exists to purchase The Odds Maker at a lower price. For the entire month of September The Odds Maker is USD $900. In October the discounted price will rise to USD $1000. If you are convinced The Odds Maker enables you to trade better and manage risk, you can purchase the feature via the following links:

Pay for The Odds Maker using 2CO
Pay for The Odds Maker using PayPal

How to Use The Odds Maker

Even though The Odds Maker and v2.0 are not yet formally released, there exists a lot of information on how to use this powerful tool and the new version.

Preview of Trade-Ideas Pro v2.0 : New features and improvements in addition to The Odds Maker

Product Information for The Odds Maker:

Articles about The Odds Maker:


  • Users of Trade-Ideas Pro (TI Pro) are always encouraged to download the latest version of the application in order to benefit for our latest improvements. This is unrelated to any new alerts or filters we may add from time to time. Downloading the latest version of the application is necessary to benefit from other aspects of the service, like the visual enhancements described above and background "plumbing" maintenance that keeps the service as fast as possible.

  • No matter which platform you use (e.g., browser, TI Pro), you can always access any new alerts and/or filters we add. These are automatic to subscribers because both applications make a "call" to our servers for the latest list whenever someone interacts with our alert window settings via 'Configure'. When we add such alerts or filters, you receive them instantly. Note that The Odds Maker, however, is a feature found only in TI Pro.

  • This beta version lacks additional improvements and features that the final release will include. This is by design since we plan to include user feedback and solve any issues that may appear with heavier traffic and use. No flaws appear in our own testing of this beta release. However, should you find anything unusual (e.g., a bad print), please let us know at info at We'll also take any praise there too!


Anonymous said...

This is excellent. I have already started evaluating the strategies using oddsMaker and am getting exciting results.
Quick question. Folks who access TI via ScottradeElite what is the long term plan? Will it be every available via Elite platform. it is kind of pain to do the cut/paste buisness.

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by the stuff you guys keep putting out. This is something I am going to spend a lot of time working with. Good job!

Anonymous said...

WOW......this is cool! I have been trying to do simple back testing but never found a single product that could do it and now I have.

Anonymous said...

Do I get this dicounted price untill the last day of September? Also can I test this against amy own portfolio or just everything?

D TradeIdeas said...

Ok. Let's answer some questions and address the comments. First thank you for the praise and positive feedback. It's appreciated.

The long term plan for Scottrade ELITE users is still being planned. Until then be sure to read our solution that works now.

The discounted price for September lasts until the 1st of October. At that time the discount will be slightly less and the total price will be $1000 (this will be the price until November 1st).

The Odds Maker works against your own portfolio, symbol list, or all the exchanges.

edeeb said...

great product. is there a page like the one on this site, which summarizes the results of different strategies. great product. are there plans to extend the length of the backtesting period. i understand that you are trying to find what's working lately, but a robust strategy requires an extensive backtest. thx

D TradeIdeas said...

Dear edeeb,

Thank you for the feedback. We think a real advantage is the fact that the lense we use is only over the last few weeks. It's a source of differentiation that separates The OddsMaker from other backtesters - that and one can backtest the entire market vs. just one stock or instrument.

We want to be robust for what's right - right now.

TI Maven said...

This answer is in ref to edeeb's comment. One other important reason why we only look at the last 3 weeks is that we already take into account that you are going to be adjusting and changing your strategy. There is no such thing as one long term strategy that works. There are methodologies maybe but that is it. The odds maker helps you go in the right direction by giving you the feedback as to what is working or not working in the current market.