Friday, September 29, 2006

2 Days Left to Take Advantage of Discounted Odds Maker Price

Since releasing the Odds Maker beta over 300 Trade-Ideas customers have dowloaded this new add on module, and are taking advantage of seeing how the numbers play out for the strategies they are employing.

With our customer base spanning over 50 countries there is hardly a minute of the day where someone is not testing a strategy with the Odds Maker.

For the early adopters we offer a discount to purchase the Odds Maker for $900.00To take advantage of the $900.00 click on the link below.

Pay for OddsMaker using 2CO

In October the price for the early adopters will increase to $1000.00 and when we release the product in November the official price of the Odds Maker will be a one time fee of $1100.00

Thanks again for all the feedback!

Download the beta version of The Odds Maker.
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you please explain how to interpret Casino Factor?

Is this explained in the manual for Odds maker? Can u send me the link to download the manual?

Odds Maker is indeed awesome product.... Nice work guys.


Anonymous said...

What are your long term plans for scottradeElite customers? Will they get Odds Maker along with Elite software or do they have to pay for this functionality?

Your clarification will help me make a decision soon on Odds Maker.

D TradeIdeas said...

We will soon make the manual to The Odds Maker available to everyone. Until then I can quote you the section on the "Casino Factor" from the latest draft.

Note: the section discusses a snaphot of Odds Maker results not shown

"4.8 Casino Factor

Figure 4.2: The Odds Maker Casino Factor

The Casino Factor is pictured in Figure 4.2. This measure reports on the chance of having the average trade meet or exceed the defined profit target. In the example illustrated in Figure 4.2 a Casino Factor of 84.31% means that the average trade is a winning trade (e.g., the average stock went down at least one penny over 30 minutes), so no money (i.e., net winnings) was lost and the number, therefore, is shaded green. If money were lost the Casino Factor would be red and reflect a low average of meeting or exceeding the defined profit target.

This is not just based on the historical average of the trades. It also takes into account the consistency of the historical results. For a simple example, consider a strategy with only two trades. (Note: We wouldn’t really recommend any strategy based on only two trades, but this is a simple example.) Imagine that one trade made 99 cents, and the second trade made $1.01. The average is $1.00, and it’s reasonable to expect future results to look the same. Now imagine that one trade made $101.00 while the other trade lost $99.00. The average profit is still $1.00, but these results were nowhere near each other. You would be less certain of any predictions that you made based on these two trades than based on the first two trades.

This is also based on the number of results. As the number of results grows, the certainty can improve. (If there are too few results, The Odds Maker will not attempt this type of analysis.)"