Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Odds Maker for Scottrade ELITE Customers

If you are a Scottrade ELITE customer, follow the following steps to use The Odds Maker at no cost during this beta period.

  1. Download the version of Trade-Ideas Pro featuring The Odds Maker
  2. Log in with the username 'DEMO' and password 'OddsMaker' (case sensitive)
  3. In your Scottrade ELITE platform create any strategy you would like to test with the Odds-Maker. Right click in the alert window and select “Collaborate”. That will open up the collaborate window with a highlighted link. Right click in that link and copy the text string.
  4. Return to the Trade-Ideas Pro application (where you are logged in as DEMO). Open an alert window, right click in that window and select “Collaborate”, then paste the link you copied from your Scottrade ELITE into the newly opened Trade-Ideas Pro alert window.
  5. Press the “Run” button in The Odds Maker and test any strategy that comes to mind.


Dave said...

David, I verified that this does work for me.

D TradeIdeas said...

Dave, Thank you for doing that - it's very appreciated. We tested it ourselves but wanted to be sure with it works with others. We will continue to see if there is a better way that Scottrade ELITE users can use The Odds Maker.