Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It Takes a Village to Convince a Committee

You got to admire the lengths that this customer will go to have his Trade-Ideas subscription paid for.
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From: Nimic [mailto:n*****@*****.info]
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 9:30 PM
Subject: Ameritrade

hello -

are there any plans to partner with Ameritrade so that their customers get free Trade-Ideas Pro access? I contacted Ameritrade and suggested it to them, they said they would consider it and left it at that.

is there anything you can do to talk to them directly?



No doubt this customer knows that ScottradeELITE traders receive Trade-Ideas for free thanks to our partnership and wants the same service through TD Ameritrade. We want to help him in every way - and we are via our own discussions with TD Ameritrade. But these days the real coin of the realm is customer 'word of mouth' and it takes a chorus of voices to push committees of decision makers to do the right thing. (Note: there's a whole organization dedicated to helping amplify customer enthusiasm and feedback)

What to Do
If you are using Trade-Ideas separately from your broker's platform and would like to see the tool integrated and possibly subsidized, add your voice to ours and contact them directly or comment below - we'll direct it to the right ear.

Here are the voices of some who wrote us recently:


D TradeIdeas said...

Here is the response I wrote to Nimic:

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From: David M. Aferiat []
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 1:48 PM
To: 'n****@n***.info'
Subject: RE: Ameritrade

Dear Nimic,

Thank you for your email message. We certainly would like to convince TD Ameritrade to do exactly what you recommend. Last December we even met with them at their corporate offices and the talks were positive. Larger firms like TD Ameritrade need a lot of confirming evidence that a potential partner’s tools are really needed. That confirming evidence comes from valuable customers like you – that’s why I took the step of forwarding your email to our contact. Do you know of others within your circle of influence who share your desire? Thanks again for contacting us and encouraging us to continue talking with TD Ameritrade.

Best regards,


shooter334 said...


I am both a cybertrader and a TD Ameritrade customer and I would love to see your product incorporated into both of their platforms as I use them to both trade actively and invest. Please pass my comments on to your contacts. I am certain that the incorporation of your prodcuts into their platformts would lead to increased trading activity and thus increase commission generation for those firms.


D TradeIdeas said...

Done! and thanks for stepping forward. One voice at a time ...

Dave M. said...

I've been an Ameritrade customer for at least 9 years (since the Datek days!) and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and move over to Scottrade Elite. A large part of my decision is the fact that Trade-Ideas is included with Scottrade Elite.

Feel free to share this with your contacts at TD Ameritrade.