Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stocks Scans Bring Real-Time Results

Monday's market recap by TraderMike highlights a source of free information at Trade-Ideas you will want to include in your tool arsenal. Here's what was reported:

Important levels on the S&P and Nasdaq were successfully tested. There were also a ton of my favorite bullish candlestick patterns made today. According to StockCharts.com there were 194 hammers and 188 bullish engulfing patterns made today.

The link above takes you to a list generated by StockCharts.com which is a great site for charts and useful information.

It can be augmented by the data Trade-Ideas provides in real-time via our free Stock Scans:

Look at these scans throughout the day to get up to the second results. If you want to further refine these scans with filtering capabilities, you'll need a subscription. Otherwise it is yours for the taking.

Explore the other alert scans as well including 5, 10, and 15 minute timeframes for these alerts.

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