Monday, May 29, 2006

Free Tools You Can Use and the List of Who's Using Them

We keep alot of our Idea Generation Technology (IGT) free for the community of interested chartists, traders, and technicians. Doing so keeps people aware of our technology and the value we bring to decisions about what to trade and when to trade it.

For example here is a list of all of our Alerts. Click on the alert link to see the current list of stocks activating this alert.
Single Alert Type

Another example is the research available on individual stocks. A free technical analysis report of trends appears here:
Stock Information

We even give away a free version of the real-time product. Although it only considers two of our alerts (the Daily High and Low Alerts), you can use any of our filters to really define the pattern these stocks should be in before an alert occurs. Click on Configure and goto the Filter section to start adjusting the settings.
FREE High Low Ticker

There is also a growing list of people who distribute our information to enhance their own content. (they use the links above and/or real-time banners found here or here) We'll keep adding to this list as we run across such sites. - New! - New! - New! - recently featured in TASC! - Trader Education
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!
Mastering The Markets is an awsome website!

D TradeIdeas said...

Maybe. Well our ticker used to be on MTM's website. I took them off of our list until they decide to put us back.