Friday, March 24, 2006


Google Finance made its debut this week and many have already weighted in with opinions, critiques, and suggestions.

We gave our suggestion directly to the Google Finance team from their blog ( Google Finance currently covers business info, news, and interactive charts. Essentially we asked, "What about some technical analysis?" This would round out the offering and bring value to a whole community of traders and investors. We then pointed to the free stock "snapshots" that we offer from our website. Take a look and enter a stock symbol if you haven't seen this yourself:

Our suggestion prompted a reply which appears below:

Thank you for your note. This is just an automated response to let you know that we received your email about Google Finance. Your feedback is essential to the development of this product. Due to the large volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond to your email personally. Please be assured, however, that we read each suggestion, and we'll make improvements to Google Finance based on your feedback.

We really appreciate your taking the time to write us.


The Google Team

It's a nice form letter given the vast number of responses they receive and I believe that someone may actually read our note. But one letter may not be enough. That's why this post is ASKING A FAVOR FROM OUR CHERISHED READERS AND FANS OF TRADE-IDEAS:

Help us bring our analysis to Google Finance's attention. It'll be like writing a letter to Congress ONLY IT MAY ACTUALLY MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! ;)

Here is the link to make the suggestion (in addition to the email address above):

Here is some suggested text that you can cut and paste or modify:

Greetings. Google Finance is [blank].
One item that would be a great addition is the inclusion of technical analysis. Trade-Ideas offers technical snapshots of every exchange traded stock in the U.S. and they are free for all to use.

Enter a stock symbol at their link or click on any of the free end-of-day scans they offer:

Please consider adding this data and making Google Finance the best it can be.

Thank you for helping us by sending this suggestion to Google Finance. If it works out we'll send out T-shirts with our two logos!

Footnote: We found this neat site that is all about Google that we didn't want to forget:


Anonymous said...

I did what you said and got the same reply. Let's hold our breath :-)

D TradeIdeas said...

thank you!

Stephan said...

Technical analysis is just noise. Don't bother with it.

D TradeIdeas said...

The following article won't entirely convince you otherwise, but you'll be more informed after reading our reasons for building Trade-Ideas:

D TradeIdeas said...

Bob said...

Silly to argue over if technical analysis is good or bad. Perception is reality and you get help by seeing what other people think. Since many people follow TA it helps to see it in action

D TradeIdeas said...

Interesting dialogue on this very subject going on at
EliteTrader (gets a little tedious towards the end):