Sunday, March 26, 2006

DiamondTrim speaks: Didn't do your homework? Don't worry.

Today's post is written by a guest contributor named, DiamondTrim. DiamondTrim is an alias for a trader well known to readers of EliteTrader and a few other trading forums on the internet. DiamondTrim was one of the first "power-users" to understand the value of Trade-Ideas and apply its idea generation capabilities to his trading plan. The result generated multiple successes.

DiamondTrim is one of several scheduled speakers at Trade-Ideas' upcoming 1st Annual Learning Curve Seminar in June in San Diego.

I was watching Cramer’s Mad Money recently while channel surfing. His fans call him and talk about all this homework that they do. It got me thinking about homework in general. I was not very good about doing homework during my education but -- I was a damn good cheater. I'm not advocating being a cheater per se, but I am all for taking good shortcuts and avoiding work for work's sake.

So that realization gave me the inspiration for this blog post.

How many of Cramer's fans wake up in the morning and ask themselves, "Did I do my market homework?" Did you? If you didn’t then don’t worry, I didn’t either. Even if you did, ask yourself, "Did I do it well? Am I prepared enough?" The thing is there are tons of problems with doing market homework aside from the
possibility that you might just be wrong or the preparation as useless.

Enter Trade-Ideas. With TI you don’t have to worry about homework. Instead of trying to figure out where things might logically go and competing with Cramer's legions of fans or analysts from Goldman and other big institutions, you can give up on logic and simply watch from courtside seats where they go and ride their coattails or “cheat” with Trade-Ideas. The main thing to know is what to look for when big funds, the ones you really want to cheat off of, are buying and selling. See and Go with the flow.

This is why Trade-Ideas is conducting its first learning curve seminar, to teach their users how to set their sights to catch the big boys in action. I look forward to showing you how I do it.

Let us know if you are a subscriber to Trade-Ideas and would like to guest write your story or trading lesson.

DiamondTrim was the inspiration (source) for a Strategy Session called "40+ and Going". You can see it here:


NYC Trader said...

Yo DT you got some good skills keep posting on that P/L thread we miss you over there man...sob ...sniff

D TradeIdeas said...

Note: P/L thread here

Evan said...

I have really liked your software. You guys add functionality like you have slaves working for you :-)

Y2ker said...

Don't you think that by the time it hits 40 or 100 it is too late? I feel like I would want to get into the move before it happens. But your software is pretty cool I am only using the high low ticker that is free

D TradeIdeas said...

If you could access the History function (available to paid subscribers), you'd see in the number column how far some of these ideas can go or rather how many times we report on the movement in that direction. The earlier one goes before 40 or before 100 the less certainty there is in its direction or ability to reverse. While 41 or 101 isn't a sure either, it's already made a strong case for more to come.

D TradeIdeas said...

Note: the record of what's been added and when appears here

Jamie said...

Seriously guys, the best alerts software on the market! Congrats

D TradeIdeas said...

Thank you! Look for that testimonial and others here.