Monday, August 29, 2005

Truer Words Were Never ...

As part of an occasional series of great approaches to trading, written by fellow traders/bloggers, here is a series we'll call "Truer Words". These articles discuss the fundamentals of trading which include emotional intelligence, trading journals, size management, P/L performance, and many other dimensions - not just pre-trade analytics and idea generation. These articles, therefore, do not mention Trade-Ideas but are listed here to help readers 'get a leg up' on the other steps.

The StockBandit:
His point in a nutshell? The only holy grail ... is you.

Trader Mike:
His point in a nutshell? These examples of a spreadsheet style trading journal improve discipline and trading results.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When Scanners Alert and When They Filter

As our userbase grows we would like to reiterate a common mistake made while using the software: not knowing the difference between an alert and a filter. Here's a great FAQ we wrote on this topic:

We often receive questions like, "How come I did not see an alert for such and such a stock?"

Most often the answer lies in the filters that are selected. For example if you wonder how come you didn't see BIDU or GOOG or something similar, first check the Window Specific Filters for your alert window (under Configure). Something as minor as a maximum spread filter of 15 cents can easily keep volatile stocks out of your alerts window. A good way to successfully test and configure an alert window for results is to use the History feature.

Good luck and good trading!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Upgrade to Version 1.7 to Get History in TI Pro

Many have asked for us to add history to the Trade-Ideas Pro application. The history feature is now available and there is extensive video help to make it easy for users to get familiar with the new feature. Here is the video help link:

In order to get this new functionality you have to upgrade to the latest version of our software, Version 1.7. Here is the link to upgrade:

If you are using Trade-Ideas inside another application you can upgrade safely with this link:

We are very excited about this addition as it should help the high end user make more sense out of any configuration. To access the history feature just right click in any alert window and select history. You will see a prompt that has a check mark next to Real-Time. Click on Real-Time to turn that alert window into historical mode.

On another note, we want to thank all the bloggers who have added our ticker to their financial blogs as a way to add real-time content to their site and support our Idea Generation Technology - the list keeps growing. If anyone wants to join our affiliate program and get credit for customers they send our way please send us an email to

Monday, August 01, 2005

Added Streaming Ticker to Blog

We just added our proprietary alerts ticker to our blog. This ticker shows random real-time samples of our alerts technology so that viewers can get a sense of what streaming alerts are. The alerts you see are real and are displayed in shockwave. This ticker is one of a kind because it is based on our proprietary data. Many bloggers and web sites add this tool to give them an extra edge in eyeball stickyness. This ticker condenses the message while the real product looks more like a window as in the picture below.

Here is a partial list of blogs and sites that added the ticker:

Others add our real-time alerts in the form of a free banner (without the Shockwave): (scroll to the bottom)