Thursday, December 29, 2005

Home Page Makeover: Trade-Ideas Edition

UPDATE as of 12/29: Here is the latest and probably final version of the Home Page. You see it first here:

Those who read this blog and appreciate its content, get a different experience using Trade-Ideas than our regular license and paid subscribers. The strategies, tips, and meet 'n greet invitations (e.g., New York, Las Vegas) we post are not found anywhere else. The following invitation is no exception.

We are in the final phase of a Home Page makeover and we would welcome any feedback our readers might share.

Here it is:

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Anonymous said...

Dude the pink color is ugly you need to make it better. The logo with the flash the very right part seems like it is just off you may want to check the graphics on that. Peace out

D TradeIdeas said...


TraderEyal said...

Looks nice, definitely better than the current look. However, there are significant similarities to