Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scans: Know What's Coming

The Bottom Line:
Know in advance what the alert windows will show. That's the benefit of our end-of-day scans.

We publish a series of free, end-of-day scans that are meant to attract new potential subscribers to our realtime service. However this information is helpful to more than potential subscribers, they can be used to great benefit by existing subscribers who want a feel for the long term trends affecting the opportunities they'll see in realtime during the day.

These scans bridge the gap between long term trading and short term, intraday trading because they identify what stocks are in a particular long term trend and therefore are likely to appear in the alert windows you create. Here is an example of how these scans can spot opportunities: make a symbol list containing the stocks in this scan and use the alerts in Trade-Ideas to identify either continuations of the trend, small countertrends to use as entries, or signs that its time to fade the trend entirely. Just know that if you create a symbol list you won't need to use many filters because your universe is already screened to only show the stocks in your symbol list. For more of an explanation on this distinction between alerts and filters, click here.

We'll repeat this point in future posts and provide a detailed description of what each of the scans does, but for now here is the complete list under the header, "Stock screener":

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