Monday, December 20, 2004

The 3 Floor Elevator Pitch: Marketing Communications

Every prepared candidate comes to an interview ready to answer at least the one obvious question that will be asked, "Tell me a little about yourself". Every business owner seeking venture capital also prepares a quick summary of what the company does. These opening remarks must be catchy, informative, and had better get others excited to know more. The time people have for you or your product is so small - first impressions are huge. After all I know there are some products and services I avoid simply because I find their commercial(s) too annoying.

Reader, my reason for sharing this with you is because I am tasked with coming up with the latest version of our company's "elevator pitch" or soundbite. In January we begin appearances on major radio shows throughout the country designed to inform listeners and potential subscribers about our company and its technology, Trade-Ideas.

If the name doesn't tell you enough of what we do - then I ask you to read a moment further and help me evaluate if any of the following taglines and explanation resonate with you. Consider yourself in the comfortable environs of the Trade-Ideas Focus Group on Marketing Communications. Thank you for your time and welcome.
  • Topic A: The tool that defines an activity or the individual that defines a team. Trade-Ideas is the first tool traders use to get themselves to the top in performance.
    Tagline: "Trade-Ideas: Direction - when you need it most"
  1. Where on the mountain would you be without your sherpa? Basecamp
    Where would you be with Trade-Ideas? At the peak
  2. What would Caruso be without his Friday? Lunch for the cannibals
    What could you be with Trade-Ideas? Survivor: Wall Street (Executive Producer)
  • Topic B: People often settle for less unknowingly or because they don't have access. Trade-Ideas provides access to the best view of the market: yours.
    Tagline: "Trade-Ideas: Why settle for any other view but the best?"
  1. Why settle for this view? (One apartment window looking into another apartment's party)
    When you can have this view (Inside the party, everyone toasting their glasses)
  2. Why settle for this view? (nosebleed seats at Lambeau Field - winter)
    When you can have this view (High-fiving Michael Vick along the sidelines - Superbowl, Miami)

I will add some additional candidates, but I would like to structure this like elimination rounds where these two topics face off and the winner takes on a third topic I'll post later.

Thanks for any and all input.


Anonymous said...

Some comments........Up in the text you mention that you're coming up with radio commercials....however, Topic A and B strike me as television I'm saying that both of these topices lend themselves well to TV, but I'm not so sure for radio....that said, I like Topic B better, the picture I form in my mind is one of being on the "inside" of the market rather than on the outside.

Trade-ideas: great feedback - thanks

shoeterfish: Topic A lacks punch and any uniqueness....

Anonymous said...

Bandit194: david i like topic 'b' the best...more people can relate...most people regard the market as inside info etc.

D TradeIdeas said...

As it turns out we've settled on a dark horse, third entry at the last minute. Take a look:

99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration:

The old formula of nights spent preparing and forecasting a basket of stocks for a day of watching and waiting was a variation of Thomas Edison’s formula for invention: 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Our decision support tool flips the equation by leveraging statistical analysis and your trading preferences against the universe of equities – in real time.

The others involved using pictures to enhance the message. This proved a little problematic given copyrighted images and our budget.